Friday, October 07, 2011

Back From the (Semi)Dead!

Hoi, Fellow Inmates, Professor Fether here. My sojourn into the depths of dementia have precluded my entries here. But I'm much better now! So look out. We'll be letting you know what's happening with Tarr and Fether's Psycho Cinema. We've actually been busy over the past....damn! Has it been three years since we've posted any missives here?? Oh well, that's what happens when you experiment with those lobotomy picks!
Anyway, stay tuned...much more to come!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Finally! A New Epidsode!!


Yes, after a bit of a break, we have finally added a new Psycho Cinema episode. We decided to go back to our rock 'n roll roots and present another fine feature starring our fave rock 'n roller ARCH HALL JR. in WILD GUITAR . This movie has everything: groovy rock 'n roll songs, fights, love, smarmy producers (played to the hilt by none other than Arch Hall Sr), and ice skating. Yes, ice skating! And it has one of the craziest and funniest "chase" scenes you'll ever see in a movie. All in all, we think you'll get a real bang out of this fine rock 'n roll extravanza!

Also, I'd like to announce our new presence in the wonderful land of Second Life. Yes, fellow inmates, yer good doctor and professor have constructed the Psycho Cinema Asylum in Second life. It features all sorts of fun stuff, like a nice theater, torture devices and a nifty night club on the roof. Yes, we got it all! And we'll be doing our Grand Opening very soon, so stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, the Asylum is unofficially open for business. Just log into Second Life and do a search for Psycho Cinema. Come on over and give the place a once over. Join our two groups, Psycho Cinema (for the movies) and the Psyko Sin Club for the night club. I'll be relaying more info on the SL Asylum in the near future so be sure and check back to get more info.

In the meat time, come on over to the website and check out WILD GUITAR. It's a rip roarin' rock 'n roll extravanza! Heh heh! guessed it --


Friday, December 14, 2007

We're Back!

Oh boy, my fellow Inmates, it's Professor Fether here saying we're BACK! Ah, after a long stint in the netherlands, we have returned with a brand new episode. This one is ATTACK OF THE MONSTERS. Yes, Tarr finally got his wish. We're presenting our first Japanese BIG MONSTER MOVIE. And this is a good one. Good? Well, okay, maybe that's not the right word. Fun. Yeah, that's the word. This is a fun movie. Hey, it has Gamera, and flying saucers, and HOT SPACE CHICKS, and lots of Big Monster Fights. What more could you ask for? Well, this episode also features the adventures of Tarr in the catacombs beneath the Asylum in a little something we call TARR IS MISSING. And there are the other usual goodies along the way to keep yer crazy selves amused, such as the new Killogg's cereal commercial featuring that scrumpdillyicious LICE KRISPIES! So, come on over to the FEED and check out ATTACK OF THE MONSTERS!

And, hey, we here at the Asylum would like to wish you and yours a very "special"

Oh yeah:

Monday, August 27, 2007

New Episode Featuring Butch R Cleaver

Oh yeah, time for another horror host to blow yer minds as we present an episode of MEET CLEAVER THEATRE with your host BUTCH R CLEAVER. Butch is one cool cat from southern Ohio. We love Butch here in the Asylum. His show is a regular on our in-cell closed circuit TV FEED. Butch provides just the right amount of therapy for the Inmates. So come on over to the website and get ready to experience the unique talents of Butch R Cleaver as he presents the classic psychotronic movie

Friday, August 03, 2007


Yessir, it's time once again to blow yer crazy brains with mucho stuffs straight from THE ASYLUM.
First, we have a brand new episode of PSYCHO CINEMA for your viewing pleasure. And this episode is a special treat as we relinquish our hosting duties to our favorite pair of immortals THE BONE JANGLER and NOCTURNA. They will be your hosts for this episode as they present the classic psychotronic flick THE GIANT GILA MONSTER. And not only are we giving you a rare treat by presenting this dynamic duo, we have also changed formats for presenting our show. You have to see it to believe it. The quality is the best we've ever presented. And you will love THE BONE JANGLER and NOCTURNA. They're very good friends of ours and the finest horror hosts around. Come on over to THE FEED and check 'em out.

And we also have another FIRST for you loony tune creatures as we present the very first episode of our semi-regular new audio show called UNSANE THEATRE. The first episode (downloadable as a podcast) is a tribute to the Master, Edgar Allan Poe. We present a reading of the poem THE CONQUEROR WORM and a musical rendition of the Poe short story THE TELL-TALE HEART. You can download the podcast at THE HEARSAY section of our website.

We have also updated the S'NEWSLETTER where you can participate in a new contest. We're giving away a couple of the new FLASH GORDON DVDs.

WHEW!! We've been very busy at THE ASYLUM so come on over and spend some time with us.

And remember...


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Nifty Trailer

Here's a fun trailer for yer enjoyment.

We're getting close to posting a new episode of PSYCHO CINEMA. We're also going to debut a new viewing format with the next episode. We're going to start showing episodes using the QuickTime Player. The quality is much better, even when you expand the clip to full screen. So keep yer eyes peeled. It's gonna blow em right outta their sockets!

Monday, June 18, 2007

New Psycho Cinema Episode

Hoi, FELLOW INMATES, it's time for a new episode of TARR AND FETHER'S PSYCHO CINEMA. We have a special treat for you this time around -- a DOUBLE FEATURE! We are proud to present two independent films that are sure to make you laugh and scream. First up is CANNIBAL ANEURYSM, a short black comedy by Charlie Fleming. Ah, a piece of cake never looked so good!

Our second feature is by our good friends at After Shock Productions. It's called THE BLACK ROSE. Hey, this one's especially close to our hearts since we helped in its production.

So come on over to THE FEED and enjoy a couple of independent films you won't see anywhere else on the Web.